Industrial Operations and Logistics Staffing

Consistent deliverability relies upon the highly skilled professionals flowing into your organization.


However, doing the heavy lifting of sourcing and screening quality candidates diminishes time spent ensuring that industrial operations and logistics are running at optimal levels. Thorough recruiting processes are essential if your organization is going to continue to hit production benchmarks, increase efficiency, and grow your revenue stream.


Discovery Solutions provides permanent and contract professionals to companies nationwide. Our recruiters locate, screen, and submit candidates who not only see the big picture but deliver exceptional results.

Our Top Positions

  1. Manufacturing Management
  2. Engineers
  3. Research, Design, and Development
  4. Sourcing, Forecasting, and Purchasing
  5. Human Resources
  6. Marketing
  7. Sales/Sales Technology Professionals
  8. Business Analysts
  9. Project Managers
  10. Production and Quality Assurance
  11. Finance, Auditing, and Analyst
  12. Maintenance Manager
  13. Safety Coordinator


    “Discovery Solutions worked promptly to find quality candidates for each position we needed to fill under time constraints. Their team provided constant communication and feedback to accommodate our needs/desires as they conducted their search and assisted throughout the hiring process.”

    – Purchasing Director, Electronics Manufacturing Corporation

  • “When we first began working with Discovery Solutions, the thing that was most appealing was their versatility throughout the industry to meet our company-wide needs. It appeared to be a ‘one-stop shop’ opportunity that didn’t disappoint. That opportunity led to creating a personalized, professional relationship that has continued to produce results and impact our entire organization. They always work tirelessly to provide us with a pool of candidates to select from for each job position and need that arise.”

    – Human Resources Director, Leading Flooring Manufacturer

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